It's not just about marketing your product
It's all about building your BRAND

What We Do

Brand Identity

Blend your signature brand with each of your personalized designs and graphics while we strive to provide unique solutions and ground breaking results to your brand.

End-to-end Design

They make your brand look good across all formats. Be it offline or online, their visual aesthetics and design principles go beyond the norm of conventional graphic design.

Digital Marketing

Once the brand identity has been established, it is important that the ethos of the brand is communicated to the audience effectively. And who better than us to do that for you!


Despite the increase in popularity of paperless offices and people moving towards a digital world, printed marketing collateral still holds good at a tradeshow or exhibition. Giving you uniformity in design, excellence in layout and fine quality prints is our forte.


Every business website must have a good quality content to generate better leads. Moreover, it has the power to add value to your digital presence. At Gurutu, the experts understand the business to pen down an amazing write up for all your needs and plan a customized content strategy.

Brand Management

It’s easier to reach on top but tough to remain over there. Similarly, we believe creating a brand is just the starting point of its journey. Hence, we also take up the role of brand custodians to ensure continuity of brand guidelines across various collaterals on different mediums (Print, Digital & Social media)


Build Brand Anew

Just as an architect designs the house from ground up, we team up with you to give the best brand image for your project, keeping in-line with your core values and future scaling.

Re-brand yourself

A house once built will need changes with changing times, we provide you with the best solutions to give a new life to the brand you have built, in reaching new heights of success.

Building supplies

We provide you with a host of other services that help you in monitoring, maintaining and managing your ongoing projects to achieve greater optimization and quicker results.


Every project has different goals and elements that can impact budget and scope, but here is a general pricing guideline to help you make sense of the prices.


  • 1-5 Static webpage design
  • Graphic design
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Digital profiles
  • Office stationary
  • Basic reports



  • Dynamic website with Admin panel
  • Graphic design
  • Office stationary
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Digital marketing
  • Analytic reports
  • Free Email Ids



  • E commerce website with Admin panel
  • Office stationary
  • Live chat integration
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Digital marketing
  • Analytic reports
  • Free Email Ids
  • Free Custom Merchandise


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The architects have given their plans, the makers have their instruments at the ready, now all we need is a name from you.